This audio collection is the result of a bit of digital housecleaning. You know the kind I'm talking about-- those afternoons when you go up to your file attic and start poking around, opening boxes. The gems you find!

Posted here in random order, you'll discover my reading of Diane Kendig's The Last Weeks In Her Studio, a poem about Spanish painter, Maria Blanchard that appeared in Wordgathering: A Journal of Disability Poetry and Literature. Next, in its entirety, is The New Place's Brief Encounter, featuring Kjersten Johnson and Christopher Kidder. My award-winning turn at channeling Lucille Ball in My Favorite Husband for Lakes Area Radio Theatre follows, as does an abbreviated version of Timothy Findley's Elizabeth Rex.

The next three postings share the various bits of on-air work I did while at Minnesota Public Radio. I had the extraordinary pleasure of being asked to join the iconic Dale Connelly and Tom Keith (aka. Jim Ed Poole) on the equally iconic The Morning Show to play Bubby Spandon's vacuous friend Page Mangler. That episode also brought me together with the incomparable Beth Gilleland who would join me onstage at the Guthrie Theater, (somewhat unexpectedly) fourteen years later. (The episode also features the late, great Arthur Hoehn.) Next is a personal favorite of mine-- Jeff Horwich's labor of love, In The Loop, and a frighteningly prophetic episode on over-spending, done just months before the recession of 2008. Finally, I've pulled together three examples of my on-air fundraising work. The first segment shows a bit of on-air chemistry with Steve Seel, the last segment is a national spot, produced for Classical 24. And yes--- sandwiched in between is a bit of ironic masochism: me pitching with Valerie Arganbright on The Morning Show.